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Our Story

Twisted Willow Fabrication owner, Doug Mothersell, has 35 years of experience as a mechanic and fabricator in Heavy Equipment, Fleet, and Industrial settings. In addition to the Commercial and Industrial experience, Doug has also frequently helped homeowners and artists see their designs come to life. This range of experience gives Twisted Willow Fabrication a broad understanding of your needs in metal fabrication.

In 2015, Doug built Twisted Willow Fabrication from the ground up to provide completely custom metal fabrication, along with unique products and a welcoming attitude for creative solutions. Whether the client is a business, municipality, artist, inventor, hobbyist, or homeowner, Twisted Willow Fabrication is here to help.

The Twisted Willow Fabrication shop is equipped with the state of the art devices. We’ve made the investment so you don’t have to. Our top quality equipment helps us create flawless work which is superior to that of the human level. Take a look at our equipment roster below.

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