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The Quinn Dogcart

Specifically Designed for Dog Cart Pulling

Training Dogcart


Weight – 160 lbs.
Width – 42”
Length – 79”
Folded length – 60”
Height from ground to steering tower – 42”
Height from ground to handle bar – 46” (lowest setting)
Height from cart platform to bar – 37-39” standard (adjustable) / Steering bar and tower height are also customizable
Steering – Twisted Willow’s Dog Steer and steering bar, ball joints, rubber hand grips
Front and rear suspension – Upper and lower control arms (front), single swing arm (rear), HD Coil over hydraulic shocks, adjustable for weight. Choice of two different weight ratings
Tires and wheels – 3.50×10 4 ply knobby tires (standard) with tubes, split 10” chrome plated rims with integrated hub, precision roller bearings, 17” total height
Spindles – 3⁄4” diameter horizontal spindle with “open” wheel design on the front and rear
Brakes – Cable actuated drum brakes at all wheels with aluminum foot pedal
Price – $3600

Modern Dogcart

A word about The Quinn Dogcart and the builder

Quinn Dog Cart
Quinn, alpha and lead. 2006-2020

My name is Doug. I started Twisted Willow Fabrication six years ago as a custom metal fabrication shop. My wife and I have also been breeding and running Siberian Huskies for the past 15 years. I have 40 years of experience in vehicle and equipment repair, as well as specialized fabrication. I have designed what I believe to be one of the best mid-sized dog training carts on the market. This dogcart has been two years in the making. The cost of research and development has been solely ours, and it hasn’t been inexpensive. This should show our passion for this product.

Ready Dogcart
Testing the Quinn Dogcart

We’ve been building our own dogcarts for at least 12 years. We’ve visited forums and sites and have listened to what people want in a mid-sized training dogcart. We’ve torture tested this dogcart as it has been pulled by ATV through places you would never take a dog team. And while we have received some criticism on the time this has taken to become a product, we’ve tested this dogcart thoroughly. Revisions have been made on our time and dollar, not yours.

The specifications to the dogcart are above, but they’re just specifications. Every detail on this cart has been considered. The reverse tricycle design provides the forward stability not found on a regular tricycle cart while providing easy midpoint operation without worry of the rear tires running over you. If the dogcart is lifted by the steering tower only, it is balanced, making that midpoint a very stable place for the operator to be. Its design also makes it easy to mount and dismount under motion for training and hill climbing. And if you dismount the dogcart under motion you won’t have to worry about it wandering off the trail.

Dog Cart Pulling

It will follow the dog team with our “Dog Steer” system. Our long stroke adjustable coil over oil shock gives the cart a very reactive suspension, much better than bumper or short throw shock, or no suspension at all. The suspension is also quiet. We know hydraulic disc brakes are sexy and, in many ways, necessary on a racing cart, but we chose cable actuated drum brakes for this training dogcart. They are essentially a scaled down version of heavy-duty truck brakes. They have more square inches of braking surface than disc brakes. They will last longer than disc brakes and, with a foot brake pedal and actuation levers, they really work well.

Ease of ownership was also heavily considered. We don’t want you stuck with a product that’s hard to own if something happens to the company or me. Easily found industry standard hardware was chosen to ensure this dogcart lasts a very long time.

Our wheels, shocks and brakes are outsourced to a company who has been in business since 1960 making recreational and industrial cart parts. Brake shoes are very easy to get and are priced reasonably. Cable brake actuation simplifies repair. Foot actuation not only gives plenty of braking power, it also stops like your sled.

Oiled bronze bushings at every pivot point prevents wear, but also are an industry standard size and easy to get if needed. The suspension can be adjusted to your weight and load, with two different shock options to make sure we get your dogcart right for you.

The steering bar has two inches of vertical adjustment, but that can be customized at no charge. The tail of the cart can be made into extra storage space or can be a seat.

The folding option makes this cart easily stored or transported. This dogcart is easy to own and use. And since we’re a custom metal fabrication company, this cart is customizable. If you tell us your needs, we may be able to adapt them to our design.

folding dog cart
The Quinn Dogcart in folded position

Give us a call at (585) 991-8544 or email us at twistedwillowfabrication@gmail.com with your questions or comments. If you’re within our range, we’ll also come and see you or your group.