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Custom Designs

Your Personal Designs Made Real Before Your Eyes

artists-picYour designs for a pet project or your idea for a new product may not be as far fetched as you think. We have a “Think Crazy” attitude here at Twisted Willow Fabrication which helps get the creative juices flowing. We’re all about thinking outside of the box to remove borders and barriers so ideas flourish. Once outside the box, we will “reel it back in” and often find that removing those barriers was exactly what the project needed.

We are able to deliver your design at any stage of the fabrication process. If you have capabilities in your home shop, we can provide the raw cut steel, stainless steel or aluminum. We can also provide you with the finished primed and painted product ready to be used or installed and anywhere in between.

As always, your ideas and fabricated products will always be kept confidential and we will never share pictures, processes, conversations or emails without your consent first.

Our creative attitude and process toward custom metal fabrication has left many homeowners overjoyed with the tangible results of their designs.

Take a look at some of our previous work and see for yourself!