Personalized Coffee Tumblers for a Brand Partnership Giveaway

personalized coffee tumblers from Twisted Willow Fabrication

The addition of laser engraving machines to our shop in Geneseo, NY has expanded the possibilities of what we can do and how we can add value to marketing campaigns and creative partnerships.

Most recently, our son Jeremiah Craig partnered with local store, Circle B Western Wear in Brockport, NY with a cowboy boot giveaway on his YouTube channel. Part of the agreement was to bring us in to create three limited edition personalized coffee tumblers as gifts to three lucky live viewers during the cowboy boot giveaway event on YouTube

Jeremiah Craig personalized coffee tumblers

The mugs are stainless steel Polar Camel tumblers with a colored powder coat finish. Our machinery in the laser lab burns through the powder coat on the outside of the tumbler to show the stainless steel underneath for a clean and unique look. 

Polar Camel personalized coffee tumblers

One side of the tumbler features Jeremiah’s “Boots & Ballads” graphic and the other side is the Circle B Western Wear logo and website we digitally rebuilt from a picture of a sign out front of the store. 

The Power of Personalized Coffee Tumblers as Promotional Tools

Jeremiah’s partnership with Circle B Western Wear is the perfect example of how to use engraved tumblers as a promotional tool. They are limited edition which makes them special and there will never be any made like this again. 

They also create excitement and promote both brands during the giveaway campaign. Who couldn’t use more excitement surrounding a brand during these times? We think this is the perfect way to spread positivity and share something special. 

The winners of the tumblers will also be forever reminded of the day they won and when it’s time for new boots or a new hat, Circle B will undoubtedly come to mind. 

Quality Tumblers Will Be Used For Years

The tumblers are sure to be used frequently since they are some of the highest quality at their price point. We tested several brands of tumblers before we settled on Polar Camel and we remain pleased with our decision. 

I use these tumblers everyday and there have been many times when I’ve been working in the shop when I’ve surprised myself at how hot my coffee still is hours after pouring.

personalized coffee tumbler tops

Every business can benefit from personalized coffee tumblers whether it’s a giveaway or a gift for your employees. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote. 

If you’re interested in entering Jeremiah Craig’s giveaway and maybe winning one of these tumblers or a new pair of boots, you can do it here!