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Personalized Coffee Tumblers for a Brand Partnership Giveaway

personalized coffee tumblers from Twisted Willow Fabrication

The addition of laser engraving machines to our shop in Geneseo, NY has expanded the possibilities of what we can do and how we can add value to marketing campaigns and creative partnerships. Most recently, our son Jeremiah Craig partnered with local store, Circle B Western Wear in Brockport, NY with a cowboy boot giveaway on his YouTube channel. Part of the agreement was to bring us in to create three limited edition personalized coffee tumblers as gifts to…


Industrial Vacuum Hose Splitter Completes Product Set

Industrial Vacuum Hose Splitter

In previous posts we introduced Twisted Willow’s Collector Pod and Suction Pod, two tools designed for the contractor/business using mid-sized commercial vacuum equipment. In this post we would like to introduce another companion tool to the previously mentioned tools that can operate alone or in a system with the other Twisted Willow vacuum tools.


New Suction Pod Described as Good as Extra Crew Member

Our last blog dealt with the introduction of the vacuum tool we call the Collector Pod, which was designed to work with mid-sized vacuum equipment up to 1000 cfm or more of air movement and up to 15inHg of vacuum. The Collector Pod is our answer to problems contractors face when cleaning large enclosed areas like flooded basements or municipal water tanks. If you read our last blog to find out more details on the Collector Pod, you’ll find…


Presenting the Industrial Vacuum Collector Pod

Written by Douglas Mothersell, Senior Member of Twisted Willow Fabrication, LLC. In our last blog, we introduced Twisted Willow Fabrication’s new product line designed to help the commercial cleaning contractor using mid-sized truck or trailer mounted vacuum units clean large areas. There are four vacuum tools that we would like to individually introduce in three blogs, starting with a tool we call the Collector Pod.


Introducing Industrial Vacuum Product Line

Written by Douglas Mothersell, Senior Member of Twisted Willow Fabrication, LLC. My background is in heavy equipment. I have a degree in heavy equipment repair as well as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. My experience has not only been in equipment repair, but also in the setup of specialized equipment, build specifications, and specialized tool development and fabrication. This experience includes the industrial/municipal setting. Our new product line stems from the specialized needs of these industries and my involvement with…