New Suction Pod Described as Good as Extra Crew Member

Our last blog dealt with the introduction of the vacuum tool we call the Collector Pod, which was designed to work with mid-sized vacuum equipment up to 1000 cfm or more of air movement and up to 15inHg of vacuum. The Collector Pod is our answer to problems contractors face when cleaning large enclosed areas like flooded basements or municipal water tanks. If you read our last blog to find out more details on the Collector Pod, you’ll find out that it can perform four simultaneous operations using one suction hose from a contractor’s vacuum source. Twisted Willow Fabrication has a tool to support the Collector Pod, and we would like to introduce it to you now. We call this tool the Suction Pod.

What is the Suction Pod?

The Suction Pod is a simple tool that has become a favorite of a foreman who has been using it. He describes it as having another crew member. When the Suction Pod is connected to the Collector Pod (or just a vacuum source) and strategically placed in an area where water or liquid is pooling, it will continually remove liquid from that area. In a cleaning operation a crew member can work towards the Suction Pod without “chasing” liquid around the area being cleaned. Fast removal of liquid is the key to completing a job quickly. The foreman using our Suction Pods with our Collector Pod has sped up his cleaning operation exponentially. But removing liquid from the area while cleaning is not the only service the Suction Pod provides. It also removes liquid a pump will not remove before cleaning.

The Suction Pod (top right) connected to the Collector Pod (bottom left)

Twisted Willow Fabrication is not going to tell you that our vacuum equipment will take the place of your pumps. We know better and you do too. Pumps are pumps and vacuum equipment is vacuum equipment. They both have a job to do and they do their jobs well. When liquid can be pumped, pumps are more efficient than vacuum equipment at removing that liquid. But there is a point where a pump will not pump anymore because the liquid level is too low. Some pumps are designed to remove liquid very close to the surface that the pump is sitting on, but they will still leave 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch of liquid depth. In a large enclosed area, that’s a lot of liquid. A few Suction Pods connected to the Collector Pod and spread out on that surface will remove the rest of the liquid so the area can be cleaned. The same Suction Pods used to remove the liquid the pumps could not remove can stay hooked up to your Collector Pod and used in the cleaning process. Move them around where you need them. The Suction Pod has also been used on much smaller portable vacuum units than we have described with great success.

Information and Specs

The Suction Pod is 18 inches in diameter and comes standard with a two inch female NPT fitting in the center, which will connect to your vacuum hose with the fittings of your choice. It is made completely out of lightweight aluminum and weighs less than 6 pounds. It has feet that space it 1/4 of an inch off the floor and also help channel liquid to the center of the Pod. It is easy to store and it’s tough. The Suction Pod is made by Twisted Willow Fabrication and will be sold on this website for $148.00 without shipping. Like everything we do, the Suction Pod is customizable. Contact us at with your needs.