Industrial Vacuum Hose Splitter Completes Product Set

Industrial Vacuum Hose Splitter

In previous posts we introduced Twisted Willow’s Collector Pod and Suction Pod, two tools designed for the contractor/business using mid-sized commercial vacuum equipment. In this post we would like to introduce another companion tool to the previously mentioned tools that can operate alone or in a system with the other Twisted Willow vacuum tools.

The Twisted Willow Splitter is a simple tool that expands your system, allowing you and your crew to do more with your equipment and to be more productive. The splitter is essentially a wye (Y), a device used to divide one hose into two or more. What makes the Twisted Willow Splitter different is its size, weight and versatility. Unlike most wyes, the industrial vacuum hose Splitter has been designed and built as a chamber. We believe this design greatly reduces the chance of a blockage between the inlet ports and the outlet port. The chamber design also allows the Splitter to be compact, making it shorter than other wyes and easily stored when not in use.

Like our other vacuum tools, the Splitter comes standard with female NPT fittings. This makes it easy to adapt the couplers you choose to use. It is lightweight aluminum. All inlet ports are aimed directly at the outlet port allowing for a smooth and balanced transition. The Splitter can be used in-line or mounted directly to your machine at its inlet.

Industrial Vacuum Hose Splitter

Stackable Splitters

Possibly what makes the Splitter most unique is that it is “stackable”. The Twisted Willow Splitter has been designed to accept other Twisted Willow Splitters without interference between the Splitter bodies or hoses going into them. This allows a company of any size to quickly customize a setup for each individual job.

A 4×4 Splitter with a 4×2 Splitter mounted to it. Note how there is still a 4 inch hose port available while having three 2 inch ports available. Also note there is would be no hose to hose interference or hose to Splitter body interference.

A 4×4 Splitter with two 4×2 Splitters, creating six 2 inch hookups in one location. Note that there is no interference between Splitter bodies or hose ports.

Industrial Vacuum Hose Splitter Specs

The Twisted Willow Splitter comes standard in two different configurations; the 4×4 Splitter and the 4×2 Splitter. The 4×4 Splitter has two 4 inch inlets and one 4 inch outlet (female NPT). The 4×2 Splitter has three 2 inch inlets and one 4 inch outlet (female NPT). Either model weighs approximately 7 pounds. As we have stated in the past, Twisted Willow Fabrication is a custom metal fabrication shop. Twisted Willow’s Splitter is customizable. Contact us with your needs, preferably by email at

The Twisted Willow 4×4 Splitter – $325.00 without shipping.

The Twisted Willow 4×2 Splitter – $286.00 without shipping.

Photos are shown with optional Cam and Groove fittings.

Twisted Willow Fabrication offers multiple purchase discounts.
Both Twisted Willow Splitter configurations have been tested on vacuum equipment having up to 15 inHg of vacuum. They are not intended for a positive pressure application.