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4×2 Splitter

The Twisted Willow 4x2 Splitter


The Twisted Willow 4×2 Splitter is a vacuum hose splitter. It is a wye device used to divide one hose into two or more in an industrial vacuum setting with three 2 inch inlets and one 4 inch outlet. This allows for crews to do more with your equipment, increasing efficiency and productivity. Our Splitter has been built as a chamber to dramatically decrease the chances of a blockage keeping your crew as efficient as possible for longer. Read more about our industrial vacuum hose splitter at our blog.

About the Twisted Willow 4×2 Splitter

  • Built as chamber to significantly lower chance of clogs
  • 4×2 Splitter has three 2 inch inlets and one 4 inch outlet (female NPT)
  • ‘Stackable’ with 4×4 Splitter
  • Tested on vacuum equipment having up to 15 inHg of vacuum (not intended for a positive pressure application)
  • Lightweight for ease of movement and storage

Information and Specs

  • Weight: Approximately 7 lbs
  • Three 2 inch inlets and one 4 inch outlet (female NPT)
  • Metal: Aluminium
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Opportunity to Customize

As with all our products and services, feel free to reach out to us to customize your Collector Pod with any or all of the following:

  • Logo Engraving
  • Hose Fitting Sizes
  • And more…

Order your Twisted Willow 4×2 Splitter

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